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Monday, September 17, 2012


Let's Get Ready!

Hope everyone had a productive summer and is looking forward to hunting season.  I know that we at Escondido Ranch couldn't be more pleased with the weather throughout the summer because it brought us more rain than expected and the animals are looking fabulous.  The bucks are carrying more mass than ever before and the does are sporting sleek, shiny coats.

We've been very busy this summer and we hope you will enjoy the new blinds that were built over the past few months.  You can enjoy more space and a better view from our newly constructed blinds.  If you've been a guest at our ranch before you know that there is always an abundance of wildlife and this year is even better.

The ranch has over 20 bow and rifle blinds that overlook river crossings and food plot/feeding areas.  So it doesn't matter what you prefer we will have you covered.  We also enjoy a good 'spot and stalk' if the situation calls for it.

Some of our whitetail bucks are boasting antlers that will score in the 180's.  We have numerous whitetail bucks that will score as 'Management Bucks' (under 140") also.  You will have the opportunity to hunt any whitetail buck that will fit your budget.

The same goes for our 'Exotic' species.  Fallow deer are becoming more and more popular and if you are looking to harvest a nice mature fallow buck you will certainly have the opportunity.  Fallow deer have a European descent but they have become very prominent here in the hill country of Texas.

Its not called 'The Most Beautiful Deer in the World' for nothing.  Escondido Ranch is home to several herds of Axis deer.  They say that there is more Axis deer living in Texas than in their original country of India and I believe it. These deer not only are the prettiest to look at but also eat like a 'filet Mignon.'  Their beautiful red coat with white spots really stand out among other exotics.  The Axis bucks have been 'braying' throughout the summer during their peak breeding season and I can tell you that some of these bucks are 'MONSTERS.'  These 'big boys' can have main beam lengths in excess of 35 inches.  Not only do they make a great trophy but they taste as good as a beef fillet.

Aoudad Sheep have always been one of my favorite species.  They are so unique and elusive.  With their long 'chaps' (hair on bottom side of neck and chest) blowing in the wind and handlebar-curled horns they truly speak the word 'Exotic.'  They have a mysterious way about them that can never be tamed.  They originated in North Africa but many herds now make their home in the hill country part of Texas.  We have some really nice rams that will stretch a tape measure to 30 inches and carry 'chaps' that literally drag the ground when they walk.

An exotic ranch wouldn't be complete without the gorgeous Black Buck antelope.  The bucks have been busy this year breeding our does and establishing their 'jet black' coats.  Some of our bucks are working on their 4th curl and are getting close to 20 inches of horn. These little guys make a trophy hunters collection complete.

If your into 'Big Game' animals and like Rocky Mountain Elk you will enjoy seeing some superior bulls that have big 7X7 frames.  They are bugling as we speak.  Its quite a serene sound to wake up in the morning to several bugling elk at Escondido Ranch.

Come visit us this year and be treated like family as you eye witness these amazing animals.

Check out our new videos on our website that showcase all the wildlife we have been seeing recently:

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