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Monday, February 27, 2012


Wounded Warrior Eric Edmundson Returns To Escondido Ranch

Describing a trip to Escondido Ranch is best done by using your senses:

First of all, the sights are phenomenal! It is Texas hill country at it's finest. The challenge to find the animals will test the finest hunter.

The sounds of the ranch go from complete silence to thes ound of the Axis deer or an Elk. You cannot beat it!The smell of fresh air and the outdoors stay with you as you hunt in a variety of settings throughout the ranch.

You can feel the ruggedness of the land as you go about the ranch by foot or ATV.

Finally, the taste. Food is exceptionally made and served in family style to give you every opportunity to share the stories of the hunt of the day with others.

I am grateful to be able to come back to Escondido Ranch. Thank you Kurt and Betty for the opportunity! We hunted hard, saw some great animals and got a chance to once again experience Texas! The animals lived another day but we have great memories.

Thanks again,

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Texas Youth Hunting! What it's all about!

To all the wonderful people at Escondido Ranch,

Having just spent part of the weekend at your facility with my twelve year old grandson, during the Texas Youth Hunting Association hunt, I wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful time Clay and I had. You folks run a very top-notch operation. Everyone connected with your facility is gracious, kind and thoroughly professional beyond words. The way you treated the young hunters was simply marvelous. I know that Clay was excited for weeks about this opportunity and came away from it with nothing but wonderful memories. I certainly did!

Our first hunt of the day was not successful from a shooting perspective, but when you are literally surrounded for over an hour by huge bull elk, it is pretty difficult to consider it a wasted morning. What a fantastic experience to watch bull elk banging antlers and playing with a Sika buck for literally an hour. Wow! When a twelve year old boy is just in awe it is a pretty special thing and doubly so for his grandfather who gets to witness all this with him.

During our late afternoon hunt we didn’t see anything right away and it looked for a little while like we may not get any chances to shoot. Then all of a sudden a huge Axis buck gradually walked across our field of view. We were not hunting Axis, so once again we simply sat back and quietly were in awe of this beautiful animal. This old grandfather was so proud to watch his young grandson simply enjoy the opportunity to see something so special. Once again I cannot that you enough. It is a memory we both shall have forever.

Dusk was quickly approaching and yet no Whitetail or Sika had made an appearance. Then like magic there they were! Two doe and a small Sika spike. Because of your wonderful generosity in allowing our youth to take a Sika doe, Clay was ready. After a little discussion with the guide on which deer to shoot, I handed the 243 shell to Clay which he quietly loaded and then raised his gun. With grandpa far more nervous that he was, he gently squeezed off the round. One hundred twenty five yards away a Sika doe fell over sideways. He had put the bullet right through the heart. After being picked up by your crew we proceeded back to camp. Once again your organization was extremely professional as Clay’s Sika was dressed out, skinned and hung up in the cooler.

This was just truly a spectacular experience for this grandfather and grandson. Thank you so very much.

You certainly have my permission to use this as a testimonial and I am more than happy to recommend Escondido Ranch to all hunters!

Gary H.
Enid, OK

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