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Monday, December 5, 2011


Heart Racing Fallow Buck Hunt

It was a brisk morning the wind was out of the north blowing with a steady 25 to 30 miles an hour. My guide Tony was there talking to the other guides where they were going hunting. As we climbed into the 4 wheel drive to head out for our hunt, the anticapation of harvesting or even seeing a trophy fallow deer one was playing on my mind.

Tony dropped off my brother along with his guide Chad at their stand and we proceeded to ours. We set for a while in a ground stand and glassed over the beautifull country side. Not seeing too much activity near our feeder, Tony asked me if i was ready to go ride and see if we can find us a trophy fallow buck.

Once in the vehicle, I felt like I was reliving a safari hunt and it was exciting. Along the way. we picked up Chad and my brother. As the four of us were riding and glassing, we spotted a white object several clicks in front of us. It stood out so cleanly against the green background. Tony said it was a large white fallow buck. Without hesitation, we decided to go for him and the fun began! With several hundered yards separating us from our target, Tony said we are going to start our stalk him from here.

As we walked into the wind, it became very apparent that I needed to get into better shape. We walked up and down and around those hills to keep the wind in our favor. We got to within 100 yards from this beautifull white fallow buck. Tony asked me to stay directly behind him as we quietly slipped in behind another ground blind. The fallow buck was looking right at us . I just knew we were goign to get busted and he would just blast out of there at any moment.

My heart was about to come out of my chest from the excitement and from the walk, as well, LOL. But, Tony was so cool and collected . I never knew at any time that he was actually filming the hunt as well. That goes to show you how great these guides are. The fallow buck was staring right at us as Tony whispered to me to use the corner of the stand as a rest to take a shot. I was shaking from the excitement of seeing such a huge and beautifull fallow buck. Oh, and my knees were shakeing as well. I dont know if it was buck fever or me just being out of shape.

Then another shooter fallow buck appeared to our right. I actually never saw it, unitl Tony pointed him out. But looking at the majestic snow coat and the antlers of this white fallow buck, I had no doubts that this was the trophy for me. But, I didn't have a good angle. I was praying that the fallow would turn so I could get a clean shot on him. The fallow deer staired at us for what seemed like forever. Tony and I were frozen in the same spot, not moving an inch. At last, the fallow buck turned to the left, but still not giving me the broadside shot I wanted.

The other fallow deer was beginning to move away from us as well. I knew we didn't have much time before the white fallow buck was going to side step into the brush. The fallow looked back at us one more time and he looked nervous. So I aimed at the back of his sholder and sqeezed the trigger of my Remington 270. The rifle went off and I knew I placed the 130 grain nosler pertition exactly where it had to be. That's when the real shaking had started. The white fallow deer ran about 30 to 40 yards and crashed. I was besides myself. I was trying to be cool on the outside, but on the inside I was acting like a teenager. I was too excited!!! When I finally put my hands on this beautifull white fallow buck, my mind was blown. I counted 18 points on it and the rack was wide.

I would like to thank the Escondido Ranch for having such great guides. They will make your hunt a memory of a life time. And the ranch owners will make you feel like family.

I am so glad that I met and hunted with Tony, Lawerence, and Chad. The finest guides I ever had the opportunity to hunt with. Again thanks Escondido Ranch. This crazy cajun will be back.

Respectfully Yours, Glenn Vicknair

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