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Monday, February 27, 2012


Wounded Warrior Eric Edmundson Returns To Escondido Ranch

Describing a trip to Escondido Ranch is best done by using your senses:

First of all, the sights are phenomenal! It is Texas hill country at it's finest. The challenge to find the animals will test the finest hunter.

The sounds of the ranch go from complete silence to thes ound of the Axis deer or an Elk. You cannot beat it!The smell of fresh air and the outdoors stay with you as you hunt in a variety of settings throughout the ranch.

You can feel the ruggedness of the land as you go about the ranch by foot or ATV.

Finally, the taste. Food is exceptionally made and served in family style to give you every opportunity to share the stories of the hunt of the day with others.

I am grateful to be able to come back to Escondido Ranch. Thank you Kurt and Betty for the opportunity! We hunted hard, saw some great animals and got a chance to once again experience Texas! The animals lived another day but we have great memories.

Thanks again,

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