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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My First Whitetail Buck Hunt

On january 14, 2011 the youth hunt finally came again I've waited three years to hunt a buck and I knew tommorow, and the day after tommorow I will bag a trophy whitetail deer. I left the campsite and went to the deer blind, it was three-thirty in the afternoon I just waited to see if there was anything coming out of the wooded area but, nothing came out, all I saw were birds, rabbits, an armidillo, and a porcupine eating at the feeder.

At five-fifthy nine I was almost about to leave when I saw a whitetail doe not to big and not to small I wanted to shoot it but, I didnt want to scare off the buck so i waited till morning. When I got back to the campsite I put my gun away and went outside with my uncle, my cousin, and my grandma. We where talking about our hunting past what was our first deer and how we felt and experiance it and talking about the hunting report and I kept on dreaming of a nice whitetail buck with at least some points on each horn. I feel asleep at eleven pm and I think I had buck fever.

January 15, 2011 it was four-thirty a.m I got dress and I knew I will bag a buck today. Five-thirty nine a.m I went to my favorite deer blind I was hoping for a twenty point buck my uncle saw. I walked towards the deer blind and i loaded my gun and just sat back and waited for something to come out. Nine hours past I was ready to leave because nothing was coming out then suddenly there was a heavy fog so i waited for the fog to lift so I can see if anything would come out. ten minutes later the fog had lifted up a little and i saw something standing in front of the feeder til it picked up his head and I saw four points on his head. I aws shaking the deer blind and the buck heared me. I lifted up the gun very quiet and took aim and made the shot. The smoke cleared the buck was gone and I know i shot it. My uncle called me and he said to come back to the campsite, I left the deer blind and walked back to the campsite. I hoped in the back of the truck and we drove back to the deer feeder . When we got there we started looking for any blood but there was none. My cousin sneezed and saw him on the ground. I was so happy I wanted to scream but, i didnt want to scare of the rest of the deer.

January 16, 2011 today was the last day of my hunting trip my uncle said I can shoot any thing either a buck, doe, or a hog. I left the camp site and went to the deer blind, seven-thirty a.m it was time to shoot when three doe's came out and they were eating at the deer feeder one doe was alot bigger than the other ones so I lifted my rifle and took aim on the big one . the two little ones were blocking my shot I had to wait two minutes to take the shot. The smoke cleared the doe droped in its tracks I was hoping for a hog but, the doe is ok I tooked the doe to the campsite skinned it packed it up and then packed up the campsite and then left my uncle's ranch in Uvalde and headed back to San Antonio and told everybody about my buck and doe hunt. School is a constant struggle for me due to my learning disability but when I am hunting or fishing I feel that I can accomplish anything it has been a great experience for me and I plan to go to college for ranch management. Thank You

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