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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


First year of using a bow to deer hunt

This is not my first year to deer hunt with a bow but it has been my first to be succesful with a bow. A few years back I was on a lease in montgomery county were I first tried to bow hunt, didnt realy know what I was doing but tried it out set up in a chair in some bushes near a trail were deer had been coming through. There was a trail in front of me that also came accroos the trail that i had set up on and as you would know it this is were the deer came from, so all i could do was sit there as the first deer came it was a doe she snorted and stommped and would run back then walk back up to me and do it all over again. This went on for a least 10 to 15 minutes and all i could do was watch for she was right in front of me looking directly at me.

Finally she left and all I could do was think why did I set up were I did and catch my breath from trying to sit so still and not move all the while,while she did her dance in front of me trying to get me to move. Then after all that I got to watch a decent 8 pointer come down the same trail and walk right past me and again all I could do was sit and watch couldnt move because they all had came down the trail that I didnt expect them to come from but as we all know that as is hunting or fishing you never know were they will be from day to day but you know they are always there. Well that lease was sold out from under us and hadnt hunted much for a few years but starting to get back into it now with my 13 year old son went in july and he shot a Aoudad and I shot and axis and doe axis.

So after that got my old bow out and started shooting again in the last month I have shot 2 deer and 1 hog with my bow and all I want to do now is bow hunt it was such a high the first deer a doe as before i set up on a trail were the deer were coming through and set up in some bushes but after my first experince bow hunting i learned my lesson of were to set up on the trail. I have a 4 PVC feeder that hold 40 pounds of corn so filled it up and went and sit dowm and waited had been there about an hour and the seat was getting uncomfortable so stood up to strech my legs when I noticed behind me were 2 deer standing less than 15 yards away from me watched as they came around the bush and grunted and my first bow shot on a deer and hour later I had my first deer with a bow. After that I shot a 40 pund hog about a week later while spot and stalking hogs made about a 10 yard shot on it while it was walking by.

A week later i went back to were i had shot the doe and set up for a morning hunt and had what was a 8 pointer at one time but he had broken off nearly all his horns come in and go to the feeder and then he ran out in front of me and gave me a quartering shot and i made my second bow shot on a deer and all he had left of arack was 1 on one side and 2 points on the other all the rest was broke off but as before it was so exciting to bow hunt, I'm hooked now as befor all I want to do is bow hunt now. This will defently not be my last year to bow hunt ,will be getting my son set up with his bow soon and as I am hope he will catch the bow hunting bug as I have.

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