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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Texas Exotics Hunting Offers A Number Of Unique Hunting Opportunities

What species can I hunt at Escondido Ranch?

Escondido Ranch offers both native and non-native species. A high fence surrounds the over two square miles of property to keep the animals in the ranch in place and the wild herds excluded from the ranch property. Not only does this prevent the exotics from getting out and disappearing into the surrounding property but it also restricts the number of animals on the ranch from wild deer and feral hog populations, ensuring that there is always sufficient food for the ranch's herd.

The native species found on the ranch include whitetail deer, and Rio Grande Turkey. While the hogs were originally an exotic, they now are found throughout Texas. Unlike the native species there is no season on feral hogs so they can be hunted year round. Elk, both bulls and cows, are also available and highly challenging to hunt. Exotics found on the ranch include Black Buck Antelope, Fallow, Axis and Sika Deer as well as Aoudad Sheep. Hunters can elect to hunt one or more different species based on herd numbers, season of the year with regards to herd management and seasonal regulations with the native species.

I want to take my child hunting with me, can I do that?

Hunters are welcome to bring children hunting with them provided the children have the proper Texas state hunting license and are kept with the parent at all times on the hunt. Many hunters enjoy teaching their sons and daughters the skills needed to be a good hunter, including the correct and safe use of guns, bows and hunting equipment. Family members, including children, can also stay at the ranch lodge or cabins and spend time fishing, hiking and exploring the area around Escondido Ranch.

The Ranch also hosts youth hunts and charity hunts to remove cull bucks and does to manage the whitetail numbers and promote the health of the entire herd and animals on the ranch. These hunts are held pending numbers and checking in with ranch staff is the best way to learn about these specific hunts.

I have never hunted exotics before, what is the one thing I need to know?

Hunting exotics on Escondido Ranch doesn't require any specific skills or advanced knowledge. Being an accurate shot with either a bow or a gun is critical, but the professional guides are there to help you before, during and after the hunt and answer any questions you may have. Generally most hunters find the hardest part about guided hunts is trying to determine if they should take the first animal they see or hold off and wait for something bigger to come along. Most guides recommend taking a good look at the herd before deciding if you want that one particular animal, especially if you are there for several days. Of course if it is a trophy buck you don't want to wait and hope to see him again, you will definitely want to take the shot when you have him in your sights.

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