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Monday, April 27, 2009


What are the basic supplies to take on when packing to go to a Texas exotics hunting ranch?

The best information on what specifically you will need for your hunt is typically located on the website or in the brochure for the specific Texas exotics hunting ranch you are booking at. Most will require that you bring your own weapon and ammunition, plus they will also require that you have any necessary hunting licenses or documentation prior to your arrival at the ranch. In many cases, especially here at Escondido Ranch, there is a store just a few miles away in Junction where hunting licenses can be obtained if necessary.

Other supplies you will need to provide are some basic clothing, dressing in layers is the best option since the temperature can really change. Even in the early morning and late evening the temperature can be hot, so bring a few extra short sleeved shirts and some shorts or comfortable clothes for those hot evenings, especially in the summer. Bug spray and other items such as scent eliminator are other ideas to consider.

Bring sensible footwear that is comfortable yet provides you with protection. Hiking boots or other leather footwear is a good option, especially if you are planning on doing some walking while you are scoping out the sites on the Texas exotics hunting ranch.

How many people will be at a Texas exotics hunting ranch at any given time?

It is really hard to give a definitive answer on this type of question. Some of the Texas exotics hunting ranches that lease many different hunting sites and hundred of acres of land on each site may have dozens of hunting parties on the go at any one time.

At Escondido, the philosophy is a little more relaxed and a lot more focused on quality rather than quantity. On this Texas exotics hunting ranch you won't be constantly running into other hunters, finding someone else at the blind you wanted to use or getting there earlier than you and scaring off all the animals. Our focus is on ensuring that smaller parties of hunters have the option to hunt all over the full two square miles of fenced land, providing lots of hunting options.

How can I find out what dates are available at the Escondido Texas exotics hunting ranch?

The Escondido Ranch website features a really unique option that allows hunters to see what dates we have available for hunts. This is an interactive calendar, which means you can check availability at any time, any day or from anywhere that you have internet access. Simply click on the link that says "calendar" and you will see a block of 4 months, starting with the current month. You can scroll over to upcoming months simply by clicking the next button in the top right hand corner. Yellow blocks on the calendar indicate unavailable days and all white days are available. It is a first come first serve basis so don't wait to book your hunting package.

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