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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Why is hunting from a blind the best option for trophy black buck hunting?

Hunting from a blind has several advantages that stalking or tracking simply doesn't have. The first and most obvious benefit is that the blind is permanent, allowing the black buck antelope to become used to it being there and not become spooked or hesitant because there is something different in the area. These animals are highly suspicious of changes and nervous by nature, so blinds that are set and consistent around game trails and feeders are going to give you the best opportunity to be close enough to get off a shot.

The second benefit to blinds is that they are always set up in areas where the black buck antelope move. Guides on Escondido Ranch are familiar with the movements of the herds over the entire ranch, meaning they have a good knowledge base as to where the herd can expect to show up. Positioning yourself in the right spot at the right time is more than half the battle in being able to hunt these beautiful but very challenging animals.

How did trophy black buck hunting in Texas get started?

As with all exotic species in Texas or any other state the first breeding groups of black buck antelope were imported by ranch owners for the specific purpose of establishing hunting herds. Since their first introduction to the state they have really established themselves.

Exotic hunting in Texas has now moved from a relatively rare occurrence to something that hunters from all around the United States, Canada and even overseas countries plan to do every year. Trophy black buck hunting is one of the more popular species hunts on managed ranches throughout the state. The quality and size of the herd at Escondido Ranch means that hunters are sure to get all the excitement and opportunities for trophy black buck hunting that they want, every time they hunt.

What is the most challenging issue with trophy black buck hunting?

It may be hard to narrow the challenges with hunting this antelope down to just one. Perhaps the biggest issue is how smart and alert these animals are, making them difficult to sneak up on. Since Escondido Ranch uses blinds, this issue is virtually eliminated from a major concern, but of course hunters have to be still, very quite and extremely patient as the animals approach.

The second challenge is that trophy black buck hunting requires an excellent shot. These animals aren't going to stick around to give you a second chance if you miss the first time. They are fast, able to jump, and very athletic when they are on the move, meaning that the first shot needs to be the one that counts.

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