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Monday, February 2, 2009


What makes trophy Axis deer hunts so successful on the Escondido Ranch?

Perhaps the single biggest advantage that Escondido Ranch has with regards to trophy Axis deer hunts is the river that flows through the lower part of the ranch, giving almost two miles of the exact terrain that the Axis deer loves. Since they like to spend time by the water and graze in the areas around water and around brushy areas, the riverbed is absolutely ideal for the species. Blinds that are placed in strategic locations along the river bed provide hunters the opportunity to get right to where the deer want to be, ensuring they will have a shot at bringing home a trophy axis deer. Hunts are conducted at the opportune times of the day, early morning and dusk feeding times, where guides can get the hunters settled into the blinds to wait for the big bucks to show up.

How big are the antlers seen on the deer taken at the Escondido trophy Axis deer hunts?

Escondido Ranch has been a managed exotic and native species ranch since 1980. This has allowed the ranch game managers to consistently build up a herd of both does and bucks, ensuring a good selection of trophy Axis deer hunts per year. It is not uncommon for hunters at Escondido to bring home a trophy Axis deer with 30 to 36 inches of main beam antler, making them a truly spectacular species for a full head mount or an antler only mount. Some may have longer brow tines and even secondary tines, but this will vary from buck to buck. The antlers tend to be very mellow and tan in color, making a nice addition to any trophy room wall.

As with any type of management, hunt numbers will vary based on what the staff knows is available and how many of the large trophy Axis deer hunts are held during any one year. This management carefully monitors the numbers of trophy sized deer that are available as well as the younger bucks that are coming up for hunting in future years. Balancing the population of the entire herd only helps to provide hunters each year with an outstanding opportunity for bringing home a trophy set of antlers.

What is the average size of the bucks taken on trophy Axis deer hunts on the ranch?

Axis deer are moderate in size with most of the larger trophy size bucks ranging in weight from 160 to 200 pounds, providing lots of meat as well as a beautifully spotted hide for tanning with or without the hair. Axis does, like the bucks, provide both beautiful hides as well as some of the best tasting venison you can imagine. Does are typically smaller and lighter, but still no less of a challenge to hunt. Does don't, of course, provide the trophy antlers that the bucks do but they are still considered a highly desirable game animal for their meat and hides.

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