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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


If I am only going to be hunting exotic species on Escondido Ranch, do I still need to get a Texas hunting license?

The answer to this question is absolutely yes! All hunters, regardless of the type of animal they are going after on the ranch will require a valid Texas state hunting license. Licenses can be obtained online or through several different outlets within the state including some retail venues. There are sporting good stores in Junction, just up the road from the ranch, that sell wild game hunting licenses.

There are different categories of licenses depending on how long you are hunting for and whether you are a resident of the state or not. For non-residents only planning on hunting exotic, non-native species there is a 5 day special license or a general license that includes both native and non-native game and birds. Senior residents and youth hunting licenses are also available.

What is my chance of actually getting what I am wild game hunting for?

Regardless of the species you are planning on wild game hunting you can be assured that the staff of Escondido Ranch is committed to your success. Since they are all experience hunters and are very familiar with the game habits on the ranch they will have you in the right blinds at the right times to maximize your opportunity to get a shot off at just the animal you are looking for. If you are staying for a few days you will, of course, increase your chances of getting that trophy animal since you have more time to actually see the herds and make a determination on which trophy head you want to take home.

Over the years as a managed hunting ranch, Escondido hunters can boast over 90% success rate in having a very successful wild game hunting trip. Be aware that your shooting ability will also come into play, but you will certainly see the game and have an opportunity to bring home your limit regardless of the species you are after.

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