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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Where is the best terrain to hunt Axis deer?

The Axis deer likes a very particular type of terrain and thankfully it is one that makes for great hunting. They tend to favor being on flat to gently rolling land and avoid the really rugged and rocky areas. At most times of the day they can be found just on the outside of bluffs and wooded areas where there is a lot of natural moisture and dew on the grasses and forage first thing in the mornings. Axis deer prefer shorter grasses that are under 10cm in height, feasting on switchgrass and paspalum as well as some sumac and live oak for additional forage.

In the rut the males make bugling calls to announce their presence and both does and bucks will produce alarm sounds that are like short barks when they are disturbed or frightened.

The herds, which will vary from relatively small to over 100 animals, tend to follow relatively predictable movements, meaning that hunters and guides can be assured of finding a herd by simply knowing the pattern of movement. Since bucks have hard horns according to when they are born, in most axis herds there will be bucks with velvet antlers, bucks with hard horned antlers, and bucks that have shed their antlers. Some hunters prefer to harvest bucks with velvet antlers which makes for an unusual impressive mount. Because there are bucks available with hard or velvet antlers year round, axis deer are one of the few species that are hunted year round.

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