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Sunday, January 4, 2009


What is the reproductive cycle like for these animals?

Just like domestic pigs, wild swine are incredibly fertile when the conditions are right. During times of drought, poor vegetation or other contributing factors females will not come into season, keeping the population down and preventing too much competition for existing food supplies. In good years, which are most in Texas, females will start to produce offspring at between 6 to 12 months and will typically have four to eight young but mature sows may have litters of up to 12. It is estimated that the litters are born with an equal number of males to females, and within five years in good conditions a single female and her female offspring could potentially produce 1000 wild hogs.

What will feral swine eat?

In short, wild hogs will eat anything they find, which is what makes them such as serious problem for farmers and ranches. They will eat grasses, fruits, vegetables, roots, shoots and even carcasses of dead animals. Some wild hogs will also eat live animals such as small rodents, insects, worms, frogs and small birds if they are able to catch these animals.

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