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Sunday, January 4, 2009


How are the Axis deer managed on a hunting ranch like Escondido?

On a large managed hunting ranch such as the Escondido Ranch there are literally hundreds of acres of natural habitat for the deer population. This allows the herds to live as they would in wild settings, breeding year round and producing abundant crops of healthy fawns. Since the mating seasons are not restricted or controlled by man, the deer population is kept at peak levels year round.

Finally the managers of the ranch are aware of how many bucks and does are harvested by hunters, allowing the range to avoid over grazing or removing too many breeding adults from the population. In years where there are fewer or more fawns produced, managers are then able to make determinations as to the number of adults that can be harvested to keep the population stable.

What is the hunting season for Axis deer?

Typical deer season in Texas runs from close to the end of November until the first month of the New Year in January. While there are lots of whitetails around and they provide great hunting, the season is very time restrictive plus you have to have permission to hunt on private property, making it tough unless you know a local rancher. Of course you can also book a hunting trip on a private hunting ranch, but you still have to say within the season.

Unlike native hunting species, the Axis deer is considered an exotic animal. As such there is no prescribed legal hunting season for the species within the state of Texas. This means that hunters can extend their hunting season through booking with a private hunting ranch. Many hunters choose to hunt Axis deer in the summer when some of the largest antlered bucks are harvested and hunting pressure is minimal.

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